Kim Kardashian Reveals The Inspiration For Daughter North's Unique Name

From rumors to the real deal.

When Kimye announced the name for their first child, daughter North, the directional name seemed more like a pinpoint on Google Maps than the moniker for a baby girl. Now, it's hard to imagine the 1-year-old without her one-of-a-kind name.

The inspiration behind North's unique name has remained a mystery since her birth—until now. Kim Kardashian West recently revealed where she and Kanye got the inspiration for their daughter's name, and no, it wasn't an atlas. Kim revealed that while she was pregnant and the rumor mill was spinning with potential names for Kimye's first born, they were having lunch when 'Happy' singer Pharrell Williams came up to them to express his enthusiasm for the name North, telling the pair: "Oh my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter North? That is the best name." At first, Kim shut down the gossip, telling him: "No we're not. That's just a rumor," according to Heatworld.

But it was Pharrell's support that really got them thinking seriously about the name, Heatworld reports. "It sort of stuck," Kim recalls. It seems that celebrity gossip can have some serious celebrity impact. The real question: Will North love the name as much as Pharrell once she understands it for herself? We'll have to wait and see.

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