Robert Pattinson and FKA Twiggs Were Set Up By Our Fave Celebrity Couple

It-Brits and Hollywood hunks all around.

Just like all of you, we've been obsessing over the union of London-based singer FKA Twigs and resident vampire hunk, Robert Pattinson since the first paparazzi photographs came out. They're just both so cool. Now, the story of how the two love birds met has made its way to the Internet airwaves and it's even more adorable than the usual boy's celebrity manager calls girl's celebrity manager story.

Sienna Miller and her beau Tom Sturridge (which may or may not be our favorite celebrity couple) introduced Twigs and Pattinson and set them up on a date. Aw! What's better than one ridiculously good looking celebrity couple setting up another one? Well, nothing. At least nothing that I can think of at 10:05am on a Tuesday morning.

Here's a brief history of the two meeting and falling in love, in photos.

And the rest is history.

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