Learn to Accessorize Like Kate Middleton

A comprehensive guide to looking as picture perfect as the princess.


The Duchess of Cambridge attended a charity event in London Wednesday morning and demonstrated why we love her so much. Not only did she deal with her Marilyn Monroe moment like a boss (her skirt flew up courtesy of some royal wind), but she accessorized like a full-fledge fashion icon. Monochromatic? Check. Matching separates? You know it. We've included a step-by-step guide to copying her style, which includes photos detailing her best moments of the morning. This is sure to make your whole week.

1. Make sure to display your chiseled cheekbones with a navy suede clutch.
2. Pose for pictures to show off that clutch with your matching navy suede pumps AND navy gloves.
3. Strut around with your bouncy blowout and a bouquet of regal flowers.
4. To polish it all off, pose alongside English youths in uniform. But only uniforms that complement your ensemble, of course.

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