Chloe Sevigny Dishes on Her New Role

Fashion icon Chloe Sevigny returns to the small screen in Those Who Kill, a chilling new police thriller on A&E.

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Marie ClaireTell us about your character, Pittsburgh detective Catherine Jensen.

Chloe Sevigny: She's still a bit of a mystery to me. Something happened to her and her older brother when they were young, and her whole life has been this mission to right the wrong.

MCWould you two be friends?

CS: Catherine goes to punk bars. If we met and she said she was a detective, I would be interested. She dresses kind of cool. She has TV hair, but that's OK: It's TV.

MC: What do her clothes—skinny pantsuits and beat-up leather jackets—say about her?

When I met with our brilliant costume designer, Kathryn Morrison, I was like, "How about this old hard-core-kid silhouette—like combat boots and a peg-leg pant?" I've never solved a crime in high heels. In a wedge, yes.

MC: What do you watch on TV?

I watched the whole first season of NYPD Blue for this role. Now it's Walking Dead and American Horror Story. I still think the first season was the best; the Coven's getting a little cray cray.