Crazy Theory of the Day: Bob Costas's Pink Eye Reportedly Due to Botox Gone Wrong

Oh dear.

For those who did not binge-watch the Sochi Olympics like we did, NBC's Bob Costas and his vicious eye infection garnered as much interest as the actual sporting events.

What started in one eye quickly spread to two. Reports of a bad case of conjunctivitis dominated news coverage. The teleprompter became too difficult to read and the lights too harsh on his sensitive eyes. So fellow host Matt Lauer eventually stepped in mid-Sochi, and le gasp, the face of NBC's Olympics coverage was unable to complete his Olympic duties. Le tragic.

While the network and Costas told audiences that the condition was just your run-of-the-mill pesky eye infection, "sources" have provided gossip column Page Six with another theory: Botox gone terribly wrong. NBC vehemently denies it, telling the paper, "There is zero truth to this. Zero."

Now we're just focusing on whether Botox can lead to eye infections. According to the Manhattan doctor who spoke with Page Six, it's rare to contract such an infection unless the Botox procedure that was performed was unclean, or the patient had some sort of allergic reaction. While the theory remains disputed, it does raise an important point: beauty routines are best performed well before big events, so side effects do not interfere with the big day.

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