Even Prince George Is Obsessed With Kate Middleton's Hair

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Prince George has confirmed what we all suspected to be true: Everyone is obsessed with Kate Middleton's perfectly perfect hair. The royal baby has undoubtedly had ample time to investigate the utter flawlessness that is his mum's mane, but he's already been back to check in on it since the royals' New Zealand-Australia tour commenced. Below is George's analysis of Kate's crown jewel:

Smells like...roses and children singing the "Hallelujah Chorus"

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Tastes like...chocolate...mmm.

Feels like...kittens and Napoleon's finest silk sheets.

Looks like...it's washed in unicorn tears and angel dust dry shampoo.


My, how it blows in the wind. Don't you dare touch me, William.

I've really got the best setup in all of England

And we'd have to agree, because:

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