11 Looks Meghan Markle Probably *Won't* Be Recreating Once She Becomes a Royal

Wave goodbye to those bootcut jeans.

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Meghan Markle is poised to become a literal princess thanks to her relationship with Prince Harry getting more and more serious—which means we should expect a change in her wardrobe. Meghan already has chic, sophisticated taste—but she skews slightly more "cool girl millennial" than Kate Middleton, who opts for pretty traditional and buttoned-up apparel.

While we don't expect Meghan to completely abandon figure-hugging shifts in favor of a-line garden dresses, her wardrobe will most likely become a bit more conservative if she marries Harry. Which is kind of a shame because women—royal or not—should feel free to dress however they want. But that aside, here are some past outfits Meghan probably won't repeat as HRH.

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1 This "Mermaid Off Duty" Shirt

While we'd love nothing more than for Meghan to show up to a royal engagement wearing this t-shirt (it couldn't be more iconic), we're thinking it'll end up in a "not in front of the Queen" pile.

2 Whatever This Dress Is
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Like, it's cute and fine. But probably not "lemme wear this to the coronation" cute and fine.

3 Liteally Any and All Bikinis

"I bend so I won't break." #yoga #vacation (I finally did it!! Clearly couldn't stop smiling 😍)

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Nothing would be more empowering and amazing than Meghan continuing to wear bikinis on the beach like a normal once she's royal (people wear swimsuits, it's fine!). But considering that seeing Kate in swimwear is a highly rare occurrence—in part because of how disgusting people are about sexualizing her body—it seems unlikely.

4 These Pre-Faded Bootcut Jeans
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The royals rarely wear denim, and when they do, it's tailored to perfection and decidedly not washed.

5 Anything with Spaghetti Straps

#TBT to Capri with @jessicamulroney 🍝 @thetigofficial #pasta #italy #takemeback

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Meghan Markle—much like Kate Middleton and honestly anyone who lived through the '90s—is a big fan of spaghetti straps. But it should be noted that Kate abandoned her own skinny-strap tanks when she married Prince William, which means they probably aren't princess protocol. That said, Kate *has* rocked the look in evening wear, so there's hope for Meghan yet.

6 This Ruched Jersey Skirt
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To be fair, this outfit was worn in 2012, a strong year for jersey fabrics. But as a royal, Meghan will likely favor more luxe textures and material—and stay away from stretched ruching. Or not. Either way we're into it.

7 This Sheer Number
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While the long sleeves on this dress are pretty elegant (Queen Elizabeth would surely approve), the shape is a bit junior. Expect Meghan to continue favoring close-cut silhouettes that come to the knee.

8 This Crop Top

Best last day #positano #girlstrip #italy #MJxItaly with @jessicamulroney #lesirenuse

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To be honest, if Meghan Markle somehow made crop tops work as a royal, she'd become hero status.

9 These Massively Baggy Pants
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On a similar note, if Meghan Markle makes baggy wide-legged pants happen for royals, we will truly bow down.

10 This Empire Waist Dress
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While there is certainly a time and place for empire waists, they tend to inspire mass speculation about whether or not one is pregnant (being a woman is so fun!), which can be tricky when you're a royal.

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