23 Times Prince Harry Was Adorable While Playing with Children

Warning: Your heart is about to melt and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

prince harry
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Because sometimes you just need to laugh.

prince harry
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Harry Tickles a Baby's Feet

During Prince Harry's royal visit to Denmark this week, he met with Queen Margrethe and members of the Danish public, but our favorite encounter was the one he had with an infant on the streets of Copenhagen.

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The new friends even posed for pictures together.

According to PA reporter Eleanor Barlow, the infant is the child of Syrian refugee Noura Bittar Soeborg. She and her daughter saw Harry just outside the Copenhagen Project House.

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There was that time he caught a tiny popcorn thief at the Invictus Games.
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Just try and look at this without smiling.
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Prince Harry makes us all giddy as a school girl.
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How cheeky!
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What do you call a photo of Prince Harry? A ginger snap.
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Hello prince charming!
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*Heart melts*
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*Heart melts some more*
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That moment when you realize you're the only one making a goofy face for the camera.

We've all been there...

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"I believe I can fly..."
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All smiles!
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I don't know what's cuter, Prince Harry and his tiny fan or the look on the face of the little guy to the right.
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"My dentist said I needed a crown. I said I know, right?"
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Cheer up, little fella!
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"So Harry, tell me more about this Megan person."
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*Reenacts the final scene of Titanic*

"I'll never let go!"

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I mean, I can't even.
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A royal dab.
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Ten points for Gryffindor!
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"Now I see why Charlotte and George love balloons so much!"
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Tickle monster!
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And just because, here is baby Prince Harry wearing a winter hat. You're welcome.
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