Every Time the Kardashians Have Low-Key Teased Kylie's Pregnancy on Instagram

Subtle, Kris. Very subtle. 😏

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Since rumors that Kylie Jenner was pregnant with her first child started circulating in September, Kardashian super-fans have been dissecting the family's posts on social media in search of clues about the tightly-held secret. Here is every time the Kardashian-Jenner fam have low-key teased Kylie's pregnancy on Instagram.

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The Calvin Klein ad

When the Kardashian-Jenners' Calvin Klein campaign debuted, Kylie was conspicuously covered by a giant quilt.

The Christmas card picture

DAY 24 🎄 #ChristmasEve

A post shared by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

The entire Kardashian family made a big Instagram production out of unveiling their annual Christmas card photo. When the final shots came out, Kylie was nowhere to be seen, which only fueled rumors that she was pregnant.

Kylie's pink Christmas tree

Fans were convinced Kylie was sending a secret message about her baby's sex with this picture of a pink-themed tree.

Kris Jenner's PJ post

When Kris Jenner posted a picture of nine sets of PJs and noted that the collection was for "every one of my grandchildren," people counted the nine sets of pajamas and freaked out (at the time, Kris had six grandkids with two confirmed to be on the way). Who was the ninth set for, everyone wondered?

Kylie's video with Khloé

In October, Kylie posted this clip to Instagram, teasing a video with her sister, Khloé. In the full video, the two talk babies, which is...interesting.

Kylie's parka selfie


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In October, Kylie posted a now-rare selfie in a puffy parka—way before the weather justified such a warm coat. Naturally, people assumed she was hiding a growing bump.

Kylie poses in a giant shirt

Sasha's Shirt 💙

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

What is that ridiculously-oversized shirt hiding, Kylie?

Kourtney's odd group picture

In September, Kourtney posted a picture with her sisters, Khloé and Kylie. In the picture, Kylie wears sweats, faces away from the camera, and has her stomach protected by the hugs of not one, but two sisters. Hmm...

Kylie's mini-me fan art

@vladyart 😍

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In September, not long after rumors that Kylie was expecting broke, the star posted an adorable piece of fan art depicting her and her younger self. Of course, as many fans were quick to note, the mini-me could also represent the daughter she's expecting.

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