A History of Ryan Reynolds Gazing Lovingly at Blake Lively

Photo evidence of the duo being disgustingly cute.

new york, ny   may 05 actors blake lively l and ryan reynolds attend the charles james beyond fashion costume institute gala at the metropolitan museum of art on may 5, 2014 in new york city  photo by mike coppolagetty images
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When it comes to the Ryans of Hollywood, Mr. Reynolds is very high on our list. The hunky actor is hilarious, friendly, and you know, super attractive—altogether, a veritable dreamboat. So, though it was rather crushing when the Green Lantern actor wooed, married, and impregnated actress Blake Lively, we were happy for him because he seems happy (sometimes we can be so selfless!). And these two crazy good-looking kids genuinely seem to be in love, as evidenced by the puppy-dog look Reynolds gave his wife last night on a red carpet. Cute. Here, take a look back at the complete history of Ryan Reynolds gazing adoringly at Blake Lively. Via ELLE

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"Dudes, this Gossip Girl chick is super hot—you're not even seeing what's hiding behind that name tag."

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"And funny! Oh my God, she is so funny! And pretty. Iloveyou."

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"So is that, like, a harness?"

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"So, if I asked you to hold my hand, would you hold my hand? You don't actually have to hold my hand if I reach out right now because we're probably still secret-dating, but I just want to know, hypothetically, if you would?"

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"Mmmm you smell like puppies. And roses. And a million singing butterflies."

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"I know you're saying words, but I can't actually hear them because your face is so sexy and symmetrical."

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"I know, would you believe sometimes we just sit around and stare at each other? We even got rid of our Netflix subscription!"

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"Boobs <3"

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"Should we have toasted quinoa balls or that kale casserole for dinner?"

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"Really, the kale? Again?"

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"I told you I thought my hair looked stupid before we left the house!"

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"I know, I'm sorry. I know you wore your hair like that so I wouldn't feel so self-conscious about mine."

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"I can't believe you're making your baby raptor face in public. You are so hot."

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"Nope, nothing in your teeth, you're good."

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"Good lord, we're beautiful."

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"Boobs <3"

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"My God, our children are going to be so attractive."

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