Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy On Stage Together At The VMAs Is The Cutest EVER

She sings about Blue, she's a feminist, she adores her fans: What's not to love.

There is way, way too much to love about Beyoncé's epic performance at the VMAs. Beyoncé may not have won any of the night's standard awards, but she's taking home the biggest honor of all—the Vanguard award, which honors an artist's body of work. Beyoncé sang a collection of songs from her latest album, which featured an ode to feminism (LOVE IT!), a sing-a-long to XO for her fans, and Bey singing poetic about Blue Ivy to a backdrop of homevideos—including some sound bites from Blue herself!

But the BEST PART OF ALL? Jay Z presenting his wife with the Vanguard award—with Blue Ivy in hand, looking like the most fabulous celeb offspring (EVER) in a little gold dress. BEST AWARD PRESENTATION, EVER. If that display of love doesn't quash divorce rumors, nothing will.

Watch the FULL performance below:


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