10 Taylor Swift Reactions To Katy Perry's Sassy Subtweet, Illustrated by Regina George GIFs

Witness all of the emotion. You know it went down like this, after all.

Katy Perry showed the world how to subtweet last night, with a snarky message referencing Mean Girls' HBIC Regina George. The message has convinced the Internet at large of a new, dramatic celebrity feud between her and Taylor Swift, whose newest "diss track" is rumored to be about Katy. TSwift has yet to respond, but considering she does follow Katy on Twitter, here's all her possible, inevitable reactions — as demonstrated by her new namesake, Ms. George herself:

1. First came the shock.

2. The incredulity of it all. Did that Katy Perry really go there?


4. Then the tears. ALL the tears. (Because Katy really did go there.)

5. Don't think of it as anger or rage or anything.

TSwift is just concerned — for her health and Katy's.

6. But, whatever, it's best to just "Shake It Off."

7. [Shaking it off]

8. [Still shaking it off. All of it, off off off!]

9. Oh, wait. Darnit, the rage is back. It's a dirty little TSwift secret, but it's still there.

Speaking of dirty secrets, you know TSwift has a Burn Book. And even though it's mostly full of photos of her exes, there's always an empty page felt to document crimes against sisterhood.

10. To the world, though, it's business as always.

*Maybe sub out cheese fries for cookie dough though, because that's one of the "six things you'll find" in her fridge.

And maybe, just maybe, there'd be this moment too. But that would be most unlike Taylor, don't you think?

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Via Cosmopolitan

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