Ariana Grande Has a Song on the Mockingjay Soundtrack

She got to collaborate with curator Lorde also.

Though most of the tracklisting for the forthcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack was confirmed last week, one song remained all ~*mYStErIOus*~ and vague."Track 5" had no name, and those responsible listed only as "Various Artists." (Lorde later explained that the track was "just not quite finished" at the time of press.)

But it's presumably ready now, because Ariana Grande revealed in a special livestream last night that she'd recorded an "interesting" and "very different" song for the soundtrack, collaborating with Lorde and producer Diplo. Thanks to "a little investigative work," MTV have determined that Ariana's song must be "Track 5," which is still unnamed.

All things considered, it's very fitting she features on the soundtrack, because if we really did all live in Panem, Ariana Grande would be a total career tribute out of District 1. And she'd stand a damn good chance of winning the Games too, Katniss or not. In fact, she and older brother Frankie (who showed a VERY cutthroat side on this year's Big Brother) would be the equivalent of Cashmere and Gloss, those sibling victors.

Via Cosmopolitan

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