Listen to Lana Del Rey's Haunting New Track 'Big Eyes' and 'I Can Fly'

It's tailor-made for Tim Burton's latest film.

Update 12/3: Del Rey has dropped "I Can Fly," and it's a an equally melancholy, yet lighter complement to the film's title track. She sings: "I had a dream that I was fine. I wasn't crazy; I was divine."

Lana Del Rey and Tim Burton always seemed like a pair hauntingly in tune, so it was no surprise that the breathy chanteuse was tapped to sing a track for the director's latest film. The song, "Big Eyes," was written for Burton's film of the same name, which highlights the life of American artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) who painted famous portraits of big-eyed children that were infamously credited to her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz) — naturally Del Rey rhymes "big eyes" with "big lies."

The track was originally slated to play while the film's credits rolled, but as soon as Burton heard it, he incorporated it into the film itself. It's not exactly The Great Gatsby's "Young and Beautiful," but is sure to delight anyone who finds themselves entranced by the singer's signature gravelly coos and dark, rueful lyrics. Del Rey also wrote a second track for the film called "I Can Fly."

Watch the lyric video for "Big Eyes" below:

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