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ANYA MARINA, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II (Chop Shop-Atlantic): With a pixie voice, Anya Marina salts her cutesy pop with conspiratorial whispers, cooing around hurdy-gurdy rhythms. But for all the bad-girl edge ("I like it, like it outta control/The medicine gives me vertigo"), she's still just a smart girl in love, with more questions than answers. Download Now: "Move You"

GLASVEGAS, Glasvegas (Columbia): The sanctity of U.K. guitar pop is its ability to conquer the world in a few chords. True believers, this Glasgow band plays devotionals with huge crescendos that glorify hurt feelings, while declarations of love like "Her wey fokin' goooo!" oddly need no translation. Download Now: "Go Square Go"

LATE OF THE PIER, Fantasy Black Channel (Astralwerks): Nervy, pervy, and tripping on their own ideas, this raucous band of British school chums plays like it's now or never. Endless strands of '80s-rock DNA are spliced into madcap combos: synth burping metal, "Rock Lobster" guitar, and arena-rock finales. Crank it up for loud, feverish thrills. Download Now: "Space and the Woods"

THE BIRD AND THE BEE, Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future (Blue Note): This electronic duo's urbane pop is a hipster fantasia. But beneath Inara George's sophisticated silver-lamé vocals beats a quirky schoolgirl's heart. You'll hum the catchy "Diamond Dave" long after realizing it's about - yes! - David Lee Roth. Download Now: "Birthday"

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