Sisters Are Workin' Out For Themselves

The ladies of R&B reign supreme this month--with Whitney, Cassie, and Estelle each clocking hits. In fact, the proceedings on the whole were dominated by women. If you include the Imogen Heap sample on "Whatcha Say," all but a couple of the this month's gym jams feature a female vocalist. And, of those two, one is about a lady (who is a genius) and the other I thought was sung by a woman until I started writing this.

116 BPM – Jordin Sparks – S.O.S. (Let The Music Play)

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='fdf2aeba-f13d-45e3-ba92-e5a04878d390' loc='C'][/image]

128 BPM – Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Boom (DJ Ammo & Poet Named Life Megamix)

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='036415fd-2de5-466b-9bb6-ba7fe2fdb9f8' loc='C'][/image]

126 BPM – David Guetta & Estelle – One Love

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='df86ce82-f6a8-4a32-a5aa-6e311dd73c5b' loc='C'][/image]

152 BPM – Jet – She's A Genius

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='c824205f-265c-4eab-9770-909f99a9ba2c' loc='C'][/image]

130 BPM – Nelly Furtado – Manos Al Aire (Tiesto Remix)

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='855a8955-def4-4a34-98dd-fce2da196a4f' loc='C'][/image]

142 BPM – Cascada – What Hurts The Most

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='6adbba87-43c8-4524-867b-39105cf46ea2' loc='C'][/image]

144 BPM – Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='ea750f4b-d60f-46cc-92a6-b0dd8da9ced0' loc='C'][/image]

116 BPM – Cassie & Akon – Let's Get Crazy

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='8c5843d0-3245-49a8-b651-b28a13980fee' loc='C'][/image]

120 BPM – Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='0490bd34-5dac-40c0-99a7-04bec2056170' loc='C'][/image]

126 BPM – Basement Jaxx – Raindrops

[image id='2ce9147e-8fe7-4af7-acf7-fae86e2b1dfb' mediaId='9b53205a-11c7-4695-aad0-41c4e680452e' loc='C'][/image]

MC's resident DJ Chris Lawhorn weeds through each week's releases to find the best, new music for a workout. The highlights are presented here, organized by their beats per minute.

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