Katy Perry Set to Spank That Naughty Lil' Miley Cyrus

And more on their weird (but kind of awesome) feud!

Following Miley's failed attempt at a make-out session during her Los Angeles concert last weekend, Katy Perry explained that she didn't want to kiss a girl that time because "God knows where that tongue has been." And Miley fired back with a joke-that's-also-a-second-degree-burn on Twitter, because Miley does not hold back when it comes to her Twitter, among other things:

Whether that's a reference to Katy's ex-boyfriend John Mayer or her ex-husband, Russell Brand, has yet to be determined. Then Miley shared some fan art too, which confirms it's all good fun and gentle teasing, right? I mean, this watercolor (though very well done) is too creepy to be taken seriously:

Katy took it all in her stride, as you'd expect, and tweeted right back threatening some matronly corporal punishment:

And now we wait for the watercolor painting of Katy spanking Miley. I'm sure it will also be a beautiful rendering.

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