Our Predictions for the Quirkiest Categories of 2013's MTV Awards

Like most movie awards, MTV gives its necessary props to Best Actor and Actress, Movie of the Year and Breakthrough Performance. But unlike most awards shows, the network also makes it its duty to honor the not-so-typical bests of the year's bests. From "Best Kiss" to "Best WTF Moment," MTV gives kudos to the kooky and praises to the peculiar. Here are our favorite awards and their nominees for this year:

Best Scared-As-S**T Performance:

Alexandra Daddario in Texas Chainsaw 3D: When slasher flicks turn 3D, you know you're in for some squeamishness.

Jennifer Lawrence in House at the End of the Street: Hot 20-something held captive by her psycho boyfriend, anyone?

Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty: This controversial movie sent shivers down our spines, especially that opening sequence. Need we say more?

Martin Freeman in The Hobbit: Admit it, seeing Bilbo battle those giant spiders reminded us of a young Ron Weasley. What's not to love?

Suraj Sharma in Life of Pi: Anyone who can tame a lion — on a tugboat, no less — deserves some acclaim.

Our personal pick: Jessica Chastain. Whatever your views on Zero Dark Thirty, there's no denying the actress proved her range and talent through this blockbuster role.

Best WTF Moment:

Anna Camp in Pitch Perfect: We wish we could forget that projectile puke.

Denzel Washington in Flight: 90-degree nose-dive in an aircraft? Oh, Denzel, you can do it all.

Jaime Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained: Anything directed by Quentin Tarentino is bound to cause some seriously head-scratching moments.

Javier Bardem in Skyfall: When Javier removed his prosthetics and showed us his mutilated and deformed teeth, mouth, and jaw, we almost pulled an earlier mentioned Anna Camp.

Seth MacFarlane in Ted: At what point in Ted were we not thinking, "WTF?"

Our personal pick: Javier Bardem. Skyfall may be the best Bond movie to date, and his twisted character both grossed out and impressed in equal measure.

Best Shirtless Performance:

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike: There's a reason Channing is shirtless in every single role he plays, people.

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises: His heart-throbbing muscles make us wish we all had our own personal Batman.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall: The name Bond comes with a certain amount of expectation in his department, and Daniel certainly did not disappoint.

Seth MacFarlane in Ted: The shirtless and shameless teddy won over lots and lots of ladies.

Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2: We've been drooling over Lautner's impeccable biceps for years.

Our personal pick: This was a toughie, but it's got to go to Channing Tatum. Like we said, there's a reason the guy's shirtless in every single movie! Ted was, of course, a close second.

To see who takes the best of the quirkiest prizes, tune into MTV this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.

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