Beyoncé Crashes Karaoke Party, Wonderful Things Happen



This is a wonderful story. Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and their combined entourages visited a karaoke bar in Miami earlier this week for a singing session that's all fun and games until someone tries to hit a higher note than Beyoncé. They took over the bar's VIP room, but didn't make any "extravagant demands," owner Kellie Pilicer told the Miami New Times. (Well, they did tape over the room's security cameras, but that's all.)

With only two other karaoke rooms in the bar occupied, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland decided to pay some of their fellow guests a visit. They picked a room "occupied by a group of three girls who were purportedly there for six hours, drinking Miami Long Islands and singing the night away." Also, one of the girls was asleep, and she's my favorite already.

In the sort of coincidence that's so brilliant it can only involve Beyoncé, the still-awake singers were performing "Party," a Beyoncé song, as Queen B and Kelly came in to say hi. Naturally, they joined in. It soon dawned on the girls who their backup singers were, and they had a little "omg it's Destiny's Child" freakout moment. And then Beyoncé posed for a photo with their napping friend, caught for posterity on some security cameras that weren't taped over:

Consider this an addition to the already-very-long list of reasons why you should never be the first person to pass out at a party. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rent out a karaoke room and LIVE THERE until Queen B shows up.

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Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage

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