Chris Pratt Should Probably Become a Hair Stylist Right Now

He French braids.

Back in April, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt uploaded two photos to Instagram showing off his French braiding skills, complete with a series of hastags including: #Baller #man #ManBraid #RealMenBraid #isItBrade? #SpellingQuestion #StillBallerTho #WhyIsItFrench??? #ICallItAFreedomBraid #GoUsa #BonjourFreedomBraid #lePlat #braidYOgirlsHairDAWG #vidalSassoon

During his interview with Entertainment Tonight last night, he proved his hidden talent once more and French braided an intern's hair. She complimented his "gentle hands" as he tied her new 'do with a scrunchie, not a rubber band, so as not to damage the hair. Watch, below:

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Can we book our Chris Pratt braid bar appointments now?


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