Watch Reese Witherspoon Reprise Elle Woods for a Special Fan

We're all on #TeamWill.

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Anyone who's seen Legally Blonde knows Elle Woods has beauty and brains; a new video proves she's got a big heart too.

In character as her Harvard Law-going, Prada-shoe-tapping alter ego, Reese Witherspoon sends encouragement to Will, a four-year-old battling cancer. Her comment on the YouTube post further explains the super-sweet message:

"This is for one of the strongest little four-year-olds I can imagine. Will - I hear that you're fighting so hard and strong against cancer and that in the hospital you've been watching a lot of Legally Blonde and loving it. I hope it makes you laugh! I wanted you to know that I made this sign in your honor - and I'm sending a big big hug and my hope and prayers. Just know - I'm a really big fan of YOURS! PS anyone else - feel free to make your own sign for Will and post it with the hashtag #TeamWill so he can see it....I'm sure he'd love that! #TeamWill"

Watch the heartwarming video, below.

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