"Don't Boo Us": Kanye West to Ill-Mannered Showgoers at Lanvin

No wonder he looks so sad.

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It's A-OK to arrive at a fashion show 30 minutes after the listed start time because, as everyone knows, they take into account all the street-style photographers and the difficulty of hobbling across cobblestones in 5-inch Sophia Websters.

What's simply not done, however, is loping in after the models have begun walking—which is reportedly what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian did at Lanvin. Several disgruntled fashion enthusiasts with little regard for decorum then booed the World's Most Talked-About Couple, compelling M. West to jump to his and his wife's—but mostly his own—defense.

"Alber asked to see us. Don't boo us," he said, making vigorous windshield-wiper motions with his hands.

Then some bystanders chuckled, and Kanye sat down in his front-row seat, vowing to use this offense as material for his next onstage rant.

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