Cara Delevingne Got Her Own Wax Statue...Not That You'd Be Able to Tell

It's a lovely gesture, at least?
Cara Delevingne Wax Statue
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You know what they say: You've really made it once you're immortalized in wax. But you know what else they say, when your statue looks like this one does: "Who is that?!"

While this homage to Cara Delevingne by the Grévin Museum in Paris, unveiled earlier this month, is symbolically sweet, it's not particularly...literal. And unless I'm mistaken, the critical part of this whole process is that the resulting statue, you know, resembles you.

I present exhibit A:

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Maybe it's me, but I just don't get a "Cara" vibe from this visage. I mean, I can tell that the characteristics are there—they checked off the main boxes—but between the sparser-than-actual brows, the unrealistically-colorful eyes, and the Kylie-ified lips, this kinda looks more like Barbie than anything (or anyone) else.

As fascinated as I am? Behold: More angles!

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Getty Images

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