Naomi Campbell Is Literally Playing a Fashion Victim on 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

There are worse ways to go.

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If I were Ryan Murphy and I had just cast Naomi Campbell to play a fashion editor who "pays the ultimate price for her critiques," as TVLine reports, I would 100 percent include the following bit of dialogue. 

Naomi, admiring a faux chinchilla cape: "I diiieeeee for this." 

One or more of the 3,074 murderers on AHS: Hotel: "Done."

The supermodel, who begins shooting next week, will hold her own in scenes opposite Lady Gaga (!!!) and Angela Bassett, which could potentially very likely end in shouting matches and/or bloodshed. 

Somehow, I've got a feeling she'll get along just fine, so the real question is: Will she enjoy fake-stabbing Gaga or making out with Hakeem on Empire more?

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