Taylor Kitsch Is Just as Addicted to TV as You Are, Reveals His Must-Binge Shows

An exclusive video from the 'True Detective' star—plus scoop on Sunday's season finale.

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Taylor Kitsch, AKA True Detective's Officer Paul Woodrugh AKA Friday Night Lights's Tim Riggins AKA the man of our dreams, is obviously no stranger to TV. And over the years, he's formed a few bingey addictions of his own. 

In an exclusive video, Kitsch gets real about the HBO NOW shows he can't miss—and gives us a little insight into Sunday's much-hyped True Detective season finale. 

Good news, Kitsch obsessives: You can watch all his picks (plus a lot of other goodies like Tig Notaro's new standup special) on HBO NOW well, now, as the name would suggest. Commence pretending he's sitting next to you on the couch.

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