Tina Fey: Yes, There Is an 'SNL' Group Text in Which We Share Dubsmash Videos

We knew it.

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On Seth Meyers last night, Tina Fey dropped a bombshell of Beyoncé surprise album proportions: There exists an "SNL ladies" group text. In which Maya Rudolph shares dubsmash videos.

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Self-deprecating as ever, the Sisters actress downplayed her own "Flawless" lip-sync video, which she called "deeply unremarkable" and "so terrible." Instead, we should be raising our #contentgoals standards to match that of Maya Rudolph, who knows all the words to that "Don't ever tell me I'm ugly" Vine *and* exactly how long the pause lasts.

This is like one of those speeches that is intended to motivate but actually ends up making you feel worse, but watch anyway because Maya Rudolph let Tina Fey airon national televisiona video she posted in a group text they have with the women of Saturday Night Live. Incredible.

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