This Is the Absolute Best Thing: Watch Celebrities Play Flip Cup on the Emmys Red Carpet

Amy Schumer kills it, obviously.

Leave it to BuzzFeed to bring flip cup to the red carpet. At this weekend's Emmys, while other reporters were asking stars who they were wearing (or more compelling questions), BuzzFeed chose a slightly less highbrow way to interact—and we get this great video as a result.

First up to play? Amy Schumer, who, upon seeing the characteristic red Solo cup, immediately flipped it without even being told that's what she's supposed to do. (And succeeded on her first try.) "I went to a state school," she explained.

Other participants? John Oliver (who had never played, and let's face it, will probably never again), Matt LeBlanc, the Silicon Valley crew (Martin Starr can join my team), and Lea DeLaria AKA Boo from Orange Is the New Black

In the words of DeLaria: "Yassss queeeen." (And for your sake, watch until the very end.)

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