Matt Damon Is Extremely Not Good at the Whip/Nae Nae

Just watch.

On Tuesday, Matt Damon—bless his heart—stopped by Ellen to promote Thirst, a movie about the world's water crisis that he and Ben Affleck recently sold to HBO. While there, he also got the chance to chat about, the organization he cofounded to help children gain access to clean drinking water. That's when things took an interesting turn...

Always the generous/mischievous benefactor, Ellen told Matt that she would donate $20,000 to the organization in exchange for him doing, uh, what he termed "The Whip and the Nae Nae." (Matt's clearly been keeping up with the Youths.) He then he proceeded to launch into what can only be described as Dad Dancing. And it may very well be the best Dad Dancing in all of history.

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Look at those moves! In any case, he got the check, we got this video/GIF, and everyone is happy. 

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