The First Teaser for the Bill Murray Christmas Netflix Special Is Here, and It Is Everything You Hoped For

The celeb-packed Netflix special is directed by Sofia Coppola, and drops down your chimney in December.

Bill Murray
(Image credit: NBC)

Get excited Netflix subscribers, because in addition to Netflix and Chilling, you can now Netflix and Bill Murray. The beloved actor is teaming up with Sofia Coppola to bring Netflix subscribers A Very Murray Christmas, dropping Friday, December 4th.

The special takes place at  New York City's Carlyle hotel, and will be an "homage to the classic variety show"—which means singing, dancing, and tons of famous celebrities like Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, George Clooney, Michael Cera, Jenny Lewis, and Rashida Jones.

Check out Netflix's preview to see the cast pal around to the tune of  "Let It Snow"—and yes, that's Miley Cyrus perched atop a piano in something resembling a Santa suit. The image will be forever etched in our collective memories.

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.