911 Callers Said They Saw Lamar Odom Using Cocaine at the Nevada Brothel

He's now in a coma after an accidental overdose.

Lamar Odom
(Image credit: Getty Images)

More news is coming to light about what happened to Lamar Odom as he fights for his life in a Nevada hospital room. While hospital sources say that "virtually every drug" was found in his system following his admittance, police have now confirmed that those who called into 911 after finding him unresponsive at a brothel following a night of partying admitted he was using cocaine the night before. 

In one of the 911 calls, a caller identified as Richard Hunter, media director for the ranch, told the operator that Lamar was seen doing cocaine on Saturday. "Somebody came up to me and told me he had some cocaine on him," he said. "He did this on Saturday."

Hunter also mentioned that Odom had reportedly taken many of the male enhancement drug "Reload," which says it gives 72-hours of performance enhancing. In 2013, the FDA issued a strong warning against the drug, saying there was an ingredient that would make it interact with many prescription drugs and those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other conditions. "Consumers should stop using this product immediately and throw it away," it reads.

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