Bradley Cooper Tells the *Real* Story of How He and "Fiancée" Amy Schumer Met

"Who is this person screaming at me?"

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He might have preferred the Benedict Cumberbatch method of making one's engagement known to the public (placing an announcement in the Times—classy AF), but Bradley Cooper is still crazy in (platonic) love with Amy Schumer and would like the world (and Howard Stern) to know their true origin story.

"She wasn't [hitting on me]," he said (via the Daily Beast) of that time the comedienne approached him at the Time 100 event. "But I do remember her coming to sit down because we had an awkward exchange at the MTV Movie Awards where we didn't know each other, and she was sort of yelling my name and then I looked over and was like, 'Hey,' and then we talked. But at first, it was like, 'Who is this person screaming at me?'"

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It became something of a running joke between them, they saw each other again, and the bit about Cooper not letting her leave—the one that made it into her Saturday Night Live monologue—CAME TRUE.

There's no telling who's luckier to have whose friendship, so let's call it a draw, then imagine what it'll be like when they inevitably have a margarita/poker night with mutual buddy JLaw.

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