Zac Hanson Turned 30 Today, We Are All Old

Just "Mmmbopping" into our golden years over here.

Mike Prior/Redferns

Remember when Zac Hanson had middle-parted blonde hair and was living his best life as Hanson's drummer? Well now he's married with two kids and just turned 30. He also created a beer called Mmmhops. It's casual.

In celebration of Zac's 30th, enjoy a few highlights from 1997, the immortal year "Mmmbop" rocked our world. 

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Rose Left Jack to Die (Read: 'Titanic' Came Out)


There was totally room on that raft.

This Was Happening, and It Wasn't Good


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"Dialing..." = the actual worst.

Ellen Came Out


And paved the way for other LGBTQ actors to do so.

You Owned a Tamagotchi


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And accidentally murdered it.

George Clooney Was Still on 'E.R.'


Your mom probably had a crush on him.

Madeleine Albright Was Made the First Female Secretary of State


The most exciting part of this list. Zac Hanson is in great company—HBD, old friend.

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