"I Needed a Bright Spot This Year": Miranda Lambert Gets Emotional in Her CMAs Acceptance Speech


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Without outright mentioning her ex-husband and his new girlfriend or Brad Paisley's maybe-on-purpose Ashley Madison fumble earlier in the night, Miranda Lambert alluded to the tough times she's been going through in her graceful acceptance speech at Wednesday evening's CMA Awards.

"Hi guys, thank you so much," she said after winning Female Vocalist of the Year for the sixth time in a row (!). "Man, I really appreciate it. I needed a bright spot this year, so thank you. I love country music fans, and I'm just going to keep it short, but Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton, thank you very much. I'm going to go home and practice. Thank y'all very much, I love y'all."

Sweet and a little sad, but judging by her powerhouse performance of "Bathroom Sink," she's not letting a little heartbreak get her down.

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