Madonna's Building Her Own Squad, and This Hollywood Megastar Is Her First Recruit

"You were a very good bitch."


If Taylor Swift has a squad, Balmain has an army, and Carrie Brownstein has a coven, Madonna has…the beginnings of an empire? Is that superlative enough?

At the Prague stop of her Rebel Heart tour Saturday, Madonna welcomed Jessica Chastain to the stage, where they held hands and cavorted with male backup dancers in tails before Chastain gave her commanding officer a few tentative taps on the muscle-bound derrière.

In other organizations, this would be grounds for banishment, but not here: Madonna told a thrilled Chastain she was "a very good bitch," then handed her fruit. (Yeah, we don't know either.)

Watch the event unfold below, then brush up your résumé. 

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