Jennifer Lopez Is a Conflicted Cop in Intense New Series "Shades of Blue"

And now, we have the first trailer.

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After 11 years, Jennifer Lopez is returning to the small screen in NBC's Shades of Blue. But if you're expecting just another cop show, you're in for a (seriously intense) surprise. In the trailer, we see Harlee Santos, an officer with seemingly good intentions who becomes entrenched in the ways of dirty cop business—until she's caught and has to decide whether to become an FBI informant (and betray her peers) or face the consequences.

Co-starring Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Warren Kole, and Vincent Laresca, the show takes a hard look at what a "good cop" truly is—and what a good person does. 

As Santos asks, "Who we think we are and who we turn out to be, are they ever the same?" Take a look:

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The show premieres Thursday January 7, at 10/9 c on NBC. 

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