Liam Hemsworth Wears a Panda Onesie on TV, Looks Super Cuddly e


If you thought Liam Hemworth already reached peak Boyfriend Material with 1) his propensity to carry ladies' purses when their arms get tired 2) the classy way he talks about his exes 3) um, those abs, let me introduce you to cuddly/snug AF Liam in a panda onesie. (If you're not in love now, who are you?!)

The Hunger Games star made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael, where he joined the hosting duo for a pajama party of sorts. 

"These just were given to me, but I would wear them," he said. But he probably wouldn't wear it to bed. "I don't wear a lot when I go to sleep. I like to just be free, you know, let things go where they need to go."

Annnd we're done.


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