Like You, Michelle Dockery Is Very, Very Sad About 'Downton Abbey' Ending

Someday, we'll get over it.

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She might not have spoiled the ending of season six for herself and the Marie Claire-reading internet (no regrets), but like you and me, Michelle Dockery/Lady Mary has XXL feelings about Downton Abbey closing its doors one final time.

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"On my last day of filming, leading up to that final take, I felt sick," she said in the January issue of Red magazine. "I didn't expect to feel so sad. But I think it was a smart move to end the show where we did. At the wrap party, the producer did a speech and said, 'now let's party like it's 1925!' My feet have only just recovered from all the dancing."

Fun, BUT WHAT ABOUT US, MICHELLE? While the actress said she'd like to take a "grown-up gap year," she also expressed interest taking on roles like Kristen Wiig's in Bridesmaids, which she said "showed women can be funny and outrageous and sexy and complicated all at the same time."

All righty then. Next up for Dockers: a part in the Bridesmaids reboot and, duh, the Downton Abbey movie.

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