John Krasinski Pranked Jimmy Kimmel and They Both Ended Up Covered in Eggnog

So, best day of their lives, yes?

Nothing says holiday cheer more than the annual tradition of John Krasinski pranking Jimmy Kimmel, and this year's hijinks take the cake. Or, rather, the Yule Log (just keeping things on-theme here).

You can watch the duo's dueling prank war in all its glory below, but here's a brief rundown: John hired a naked Santa to dangle in front of Jimmy Kimmel's office window and trapped a defecating reindeer in his dressing room. Meanwhile, Jimmy organized a celebrity yard sale at his friend's house, and then proceeded to shower him in eggnog. Which, to be honest, sounds like a dream come true.

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Ugh, must take eggnog bath immediately.

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