It's Official: Natalie Portman Is Jackie O's Doppelgänger

She was born to play the legendary FLOTUS.

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Other than Michelle Obama who is the very embodiment of #goals, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was America's chicest FLOTUS. But aside from fabulous taste in pearls, Jackie O was an accomplished book editor, preservationist, and patron of the arts. Turns out she also happened to look exactly like Natalie Portman, who's playing Jackie in the Darren Aronofsky-produced biopic Jackie about her life.

From the coiffed hair to the bold lip, Portman flawlessly embodies Jackie's sophistication and style. And considering that she happens to be an Oscar-winning actress, we're assuming she'll also embody the depth of her character. Can't wait for this one to hit a theater near us—or Netflix, either way.

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