Whatever Your Wednesday Night Plans, Adele's Epic Carpool Karaoke Will Be Way, Way Better

Get in, loser. We're going singing.

Carpool Karaoke
(Image credit: YouTube)

You don't have to tell me twice to stay in, but James Corden, that beautiful human, has given us the greatest, most excusable excuse of all: ADELE (last name unknown).

In an already-too-much teaser posted on the Late Late Show's YouTube page Monday, the emotional exerciser joins Corden for a round of Carpool Karaoke unlike any other. Tell me: Did his eardrums burst when she got to the soaring bit of "Hello?" How about during the part where she goes "rolling in the deeeEEEEeeeeep?" Even if his eardrums did rupture, did he even care because the last thing he got to hear was Adele?

Watch the trailer here, and begin preparations for Wednesday. It's on.

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Chelsea Peng
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