How Kendall Jenner Does Fashion Week: Shaving in the Car, Eating McDonald's, and Stuffing Her Bra

A behind-the-scenes vid you need to see.

Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner
(Image credit: Vogue)

Like we've said before, nothing exposes the difference between the haves and have-nots so keenly as Fashion Week. We choke down sad granola bars between shows. Kendall Jenner has pancakes at the Plaza and McDonald's hand-delivered by Kim Kardashian. We never have anything to wear. Kendall Jenner plays dress-up with Gigi Hadid in Gucci and Proenza Schouler—when she's not topless, that is.

If that doesn't make you say "FML," perhaps this video of her prancing around in her giant suite, gazing deeply into Marc Jacobs' eyes, and yes, EATING HASH BROWNS will. ::puts head down for rest of the day::

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