Laura Prepon Says She Used Hormone Injections to "Look a Certain Way"

Spoiler alert: it was *so* not worth it.

Laura Prepon
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Laura Prepon just released a nutrition and weight management book called The Stash Plan, but it wasn't always easy for her to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The Orange Is the New Black actress opened up about having body image issues when she started out in the industry, revealing that she even injected herself with hormones.

When asked what body image advice she would give young actresses, Laura said "I totally understand that girls would go through the thing of torturing themselves with crash diets, and I, like, injected myself with hormones and all these crazy things because I was so desperate to look a certain way—which ultimately just ended up backfiring. But I think honestly, not to sound cliché, but I would really be like, 'truly embrace who you are.'"

Laura went on to encourage women to "embrace every curve," and take a leaf out of OITNB. "We all look so vastly different, and our show just celebrates individuality so much," she explained. "Be comfortable with who you are and really embrace it, because there's only one you."

You can check out Laura's book, The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health, over here (opens in new tab).

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