Rebel Wilson Was Drugged at a Club, Felt "Disoriented" and "Super Tired"

Reminder: Keep an eye on your 🍸.

Rebel Wilson
(Image credit: Getty Images)

In case you need a reminder to guard your drink like a hawk, Rebel Wilson just revealed that she was drugged at a club. The How to Be Single star hit Twitter on Thursday night and revealed her drink was spiked, causing her to become "disoriented" and extremely fatigued.

Fortunately, Wilson had the presence of mind to go home after drinking just one third of her beverage, and says she felt like a truck had hit her when she woke up the next morning.

Like Wilson, many women just don't anticipate this sort of thing happening to them, but the reality is this type of incident occurs all too often. Watch your drink as it is poured, never let it leave your sight, and try to party with a wing-woman. 

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