Ben Affleck Plays Pup Quiz on 'The Tonight Show' - Ben Affleck Puppy Video

Warning: this video is insanely cute.

Ben Affleck & puppies
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Yes, 2015 was inarguably the year of celebrity breakups (opens in new tab), but nothing was more unexpected and "love is dead"-inducing than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announcing their separation (opens in new tab)

But now it's time to accept the fact that Ben is single and ready to mingle with a gaggle of excited golden retriever puppies, and we all need to get on board

The Batman v Superman star engaged in a blissful doggy hang session while playing Pup Quiz with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and honestly, the video speaks for itself.

Dead, dying, gone. Also, please note that Ben's puppy is dressed like Superman. So awkward.

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