Seth Meyers Shared His Wife's Birth Story and It's Basically the Most New York Thing Ever

"I downloaded a contractions app."

Seth Meyer
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi, welcomed a baby boy named Ashe Olsen into the world on Easter Sunday (not named after Ashley Olsen, unfortunately), and the experience can best be summarized as "super-duper New York."

You can watch the late night host re-live the entire event below, but highlights include going to brunch, downloading a "contractions app," taking an Uber to the hospital, stressing about his Uber ratings due to his wife's screaming, and dealing with a bunch of nurses in bunny ears (because there's nothing New Yorkers like more than wearing costumes while acting all "nothing to see here" about it).  

"My wife was on her knees in the back seat holding onto me, we had to roll the window down because she was getting car sick, and she was just screaming out an open window. Screaming," Seth said. "Only in New York City could you drive that way and not have people say 'That woman's being abducted. There is an abduction taking place right now.'"

Oh, also Tracy Morgan showed up and gave Seth a box of condoms. Fair.

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