Kristen Bell Is a Serial Cellphone Drowner, Kept a Contraband Pet in Her College Dorm Room

You think you know Kristen Bell, but you have no idea.

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We already know Kristen Bell as an exceedingly funny lady, but her latest interview with Us Weekly only deepens our appreciation, especially the bits about goat cheese and having to keep a designated bag of rice in her desk drawer because she spills on her phone so often.

In honor of her new film The Boss (with boob-fighting partner Melissa McCarthy), Bell shared 25 fun facts about herself. The standouts: She was a wedding AND funeral singer in high school. She snuck a rabbit into her NYU dorm room. She has a thing for rugs but hates non-dairy fromage. And the only time she's ever been starstruck was when she met Peter Dinklage. (Same.)

Watch the trailer for The Boss here, then head over toUs Weekly for the full list.

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