The Queen Calls Chinese Diplomats "Very Rude" in New Video Footage

The royal equivalent of earring removal.

Queen Elizabeth II Calls Chinese Officials Very Rude in Video
(Image credit: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II was wandering around with a bright pink umbrella on Tuesday, when she got uncharacteristically candid about Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to England in October. 

"They were very rude to the ambassador," the Queen told Metropolitan Police commander, Lucy D'Orsi (who said Chinese officials walked out on her). 

Lucy's response? "It was very rude and very undiplomatic, I thought."

Weirdly, this exchange was filmed by an "official cameraman" and distributed to journalists, which presumably means the palace wanted to throw some royal shade. As of now, there's no official response from China—but they reportedly (opens in new tab) censored the conversation on BBC World TV, adopting a clear "new number, who dis?" approach to the situation.

Watch the video below to see the Queen's comments—and also, who wants to bet she sipped actual tea after this?

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