Dakota Johnson and Boyfriend Split After Two Years Because Clearly Love Is Still Dead

If Taylor and Calvin can't make it, what's the point?

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Remember how 2015 was the year love died, and you were like "okay, but 2016 is around the corner! Love lives!" Lies. Not only are we dealing withTaylor Swift's split from Calvin Harris (opens in new tab), and Gigi Hadid's kinda-sorta-maybe split from Zayn Malik (opens in new tab), Dakota Johnson has reportedly broken up with musician Matthew Hitt.

These two dated on and off for two years, and apparently couldn't make it work due to their hectic schedules. And by that we mean Dakota's super busy being completely adorable/serving fringe goals on the set of Fifty Shades.

FYI, the pair got together in 2013, had a brief split in 2015, and were seen hand-holding at a Met Gala after-party a few weeks ago. That's all, time to eat our feelings. 

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