Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's Daughter Is Headed to Her First Prom in a Look You're Going to Wish You'd Worn

Maya Hawke = exactly the burgeoning style icon you'd expect.

Remember being 17 and heading off to your first prom? Remember the sparkly strapless dress and the tendril curls? Yeah, not for Maya Hawke, daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. This New Yorker's taking a *much* chicer approach to her first big school dance. 

No beaded column gowns here. For Hawke, prom is a chance to highlight her unique, charming, sophisticated personal style—and go beyond the expected.

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Getting ready earlier today, Hawke showed her hair stylist, Charlie Taylor, and I (I did her makeup!) inspirational pics of Brigitte Bardot in her bobbed-hair phase. Fussy updos? Not her bag. Hawke already has a sweet bob—the perfect starting point—but Charlie gave her a quick trim to make it even more polished.

On the makeup front, we followed the lead of one of Maya's all-time favorite beauty icons, French actress Anna Karina—emphasis on the eyes and natural-looking skin. I added extra coats of mascara for a '60s-vibe chunky lash, and a touch of cranberry lip stain inspired by Hawke's killer patent Prada mary janes.

Between prom, upcoming graduation, and summer vacation, there was excitement in the air as we helped her prep. But most of all, Hawke is looking forward to the fall, when she'll start her first semester at The Juilliard School. Just our kinda girl. 

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