Selena Gomez and James Corden Ride a Roller Coaster During *Epic* Carpool Karaoke

And then they ate McDonald's, because why not?

Selena Gomez and James Corden
(Image credit: YouTube)

Selena Gomez joined James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, and we think they may have formed their very own two-person squad. Or three million person, if you count all the viewers living vicariously through them.

Selena convinced The Late Late Show host to break out of his comfort zone, and they sang "Come & Get It" on a roller coaster—which James honestly seemed less-than-thrilled about. Seriously, this is the face of a man who's about to vomit: 

James and Sel also drank shots of ginger, grabbed burgers (shoutout to the employee who shouted "Oh, my God! It's Selena Gomez! Oh, my God! I know her! I know her!"), sang Taylor Swift, and chatted about Selena's love life, so yeah—all in all it was a great day.   

Watch the video below to find out what Selena's looking for in a man, but it goes without saying that yes, Justin Bieber, it is still too late to say sorry.

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